TV as event experience

In Wales rugby is still a big deal. People follow it almost religiously. Last year I saw this poster on a train wending its way up the Valleys from Cardiff. Promoting coverage of the 6 Nations Rugby by BBC Cymru Wales. What struck me was the power that the media, especially TV,  still exerts to create an ‘event’ and forge … Read More

Personal branding

There is a genre of people at large in society who are different to everyone else. Different to everyone else in that they are a different & famous person.But not for themselves. Such poor unfortunates are not at liberty, exercising their right to walk the street without obstacle or interference. ‘Habeas Corpus’ does not apply to these folk. People feel … Read More

Brands that fly higher

There was a time, just for a while, when taking to the skies meant flying with a company with their head in the clouds. A bright and confident airline, flying in the face of prevailing conventions of the time. An airline that could have coined the phrase ‘Think Different” long before Apple. Braniff was a bone-fide 60’s revolution, in a … Read More

Different is only half the story for your business & brand

Being differentiated is at the heart of the art of branding. Standing apart from the competition. Standing for something distinct to everyone else in a market. But the obsession for being different is only half the battle for your brand. Your brand inherently needs to be a creative piece of thinking that seamlessly stitches together how you are different, & … Read More