Brands that fly higher

braniffairlineThere was a time, just for a while, when taking to the skies meant flying with a company with their head in the clouds.

A bright and confident airline, flying in the face of prevailing conventions of the time. An airline that could have coined the phrase ‘Think Different” long before Apple.

Braniff was a bone-fide 60’s revolution, in a decade of revolutions.

In 1965 the airline had given its account to the New York hot shop of Jack Tinker & Partners. Here worked Mary Wells, the apparent inspiration behind Mad Men’s Peggy.

She had a simple idea to appeal to the businessman audience of the era: make it bright, colorful and sexy.

‘The End of the Plain Plane” became an instant success. Alexander Girard re-modelled airport terminals and Emilio Pucci was engaged to design the stewardesses’ clothes. By 1968 Mattel was making Barbies dressed in the vibrant Braniff uniforms.

Airlines have seemingly grounded their individuality and confidence since the heady days of Braniff’s exuberant expressionism. Broadly since then air travel has been drained of its literal & metaphorical color. The excitement of flight, travel and the promise of arriving somewhere new have clearly been eroded by the increased, dreary necessity of flight and the strengthening security strictures post 9-11.

But that’s no excuse. There is a place for a more vibrant airline again. Vueling look bright enough visually.

But what’s needed is an airline with a colorful ethos & attitude to flying. A new Braniff.

Flying higher over competition rather than keeping company with them on the ground.