Cancer Research brand strategy


For a long time now, Cancer Research has employed a simple but effective strategy to gain attention, time and money for the cause of fighting cancer. They have taken the ‘fight’ literally, turning it into a proper battle between protagonist/ antagonist, good vs ill. This allows people to firmly take sides, feel more engaged in the crusade against the disease and permit the idea that victory may even be inevitable.  Research Kills Cancer is another example of the combatative strategy, turning dry and out of sight research into a visceral, charged fight to the end.  At its heart the strategy deploys a level of violence on behalf of those fighting cancer through research, fund-raising and contribution. Its a natural venting against an stealthy and silent enemy, out of sight and hard to tie down. Making the enemy feel tangible is essential for public engagement. Monsters of the popular imagination, things we don’t fully understand or the things that happen that appear random and chaotic require a ‘form’ we can respond to in our scientific minds.

The Charity’s communications & actions are evolving all the time but this basic ‘fight’ and peoples’ ability to enter the ring against an adversary persists. And that helps keep the cause against Cancer tangible, evocative, real.