Leith walk ‘graffiti’? Is this Graffiti?    

Train Heresy

To block a view from a train window. Especially when travelling along the East Coast of Scotland, north of Berwick. Like flying over the Andes with your eyes shut.    

TV as event experience

In Wales rugby is still a big deal. People follow it almost religiously. Last year I saw this poster on a train wending its way up the Valleys from Cardiff. Promoting coverage of the 6 Nations Rugby by BBC Cymru Wales. What struck me was the power that the media, especially TV,  still exerts to create an ‘event’ and forge … Read More

London Adrenaline

I took this shot the other week from Albert Bridge, near Chelsea. It’s deceiving. The Thames flowing through its heart…calm, serene & unchanging. It’s everything that London actually isn’t. What makes London one of/the most stimulating, imaginative & cosmopolitan places on the planet, and one of /the world’s greatest city, is precisely the fast-paced, high octane, ever-changing nature of the … Read More