More Human Branding

I’ve been spending a bit of time thinking about brands and brains. What makes us human and how brands grow in the human mind? And the result is a simple provocation…

It’s based on the observation over the years that many businesses in some market sectors genuinely struggle with some big concepts that feel (to them, rightly or wrongly)… risky, flaky and unempirical. Soft ideas with a lose association to commercial rigor.

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An in-depth understanding of what brands really are and an improving understanding of what makes people tick, born out of advances in psychology, behavioral science, neuro-marketing and our ever-improving cultural ability to see ourselves for who we are, is challenging that rational assumption.

Driving the realization that being in business is being human. And that brand is the interchangeable, valued currency between both parties.

Great brands are cohesive perceptions of companies & colleagues saying & doing like humans, to distinctive & inspiring ends.

Being a great brand is being consistent in word & deed, as a person might, driven by a deep sense of values, shaping personality and a higher purpose. Fueled by ideas & ideals.