Brand Provocation

Knowing yourself is a gift. For businesses it is an essential asset.

Self-awareness allows a company to connect with the truth of who they are, what they do & more fundamentally why they do it. There is no substitute for the process of gaining self-awareness in the definition of its brand. Look inward first, to be able to look outward with confidence.

Self awareness is gained through asking the kind of provocative questions that often get left unsaid, in the ongoing, day to day running of any complex business. And asking these questions repeatedly, from a broad cross section of the employees within the walls of the company.

Most companies in the same sectors & industries do pretty much similar things. But how & why they do those things is the start of understanding how their business can be shared with the people who matter most: colleagues & customers.

To provoke is to elicit a reaction, which is the first stage on the road to getting the insight that leads to self-awareness.

And Self awareness aims to define the scope of the purpose of the business. The nature of the values that are shared between people, to form culture and the resulting behaviours thy permit and preclude. And a sense of the human-to-human ¬†‘personality’ created by the overall work of the company as it goes about its business.

The skills of journalism, psychology and good old-fashioned,factory visiting product interrogation are blended to produce an approach to questioning and debate that yields real results; creating comfort in the interviewee to open up and  uncovering the deep down true meaning of the company and what it stands for.

So pull up a chair, sit yourself down and ask yourself some provocative questions is you want to know more about yourself and the company you are an essential part of.