Key Services

Within the 3-part framework we embed a range of proprietary services, techniques & tools, covering (re)’search’, brand definition, internal business alignment, employee engagement, immersive customer experience design, stand-out content & communications programs, business creativity & innovation… all designed to define your Inspiring Difference and bring it to full ‘commerical & creative life’.


Based on decades of design & facilitation of collaborative, brand-led workshops. Using innovative tools & techniques to provoke, enthuse & stimulate richer brand thinking for your business, to define more inspiring & differentiated brands. Good Workshopping can catalyze brand clarity and start to engage a wider group of employees in the process and principles of great branding.


Something to bind people together( cohesion) and something to bind them too (adhesion). A set of strategic principles that foster internal brand alignment & engagement, to turn a business into a brand and employees into ambassadors, at every level.


Our customer experience planning tool allows any business to view the entirely of what it does & says from the customer point of view. So immersive customer experiences can be designed, planned & delivered operationally by the business, to reflect your Inspiring Difference at every level.

Beyond the Usual Suspects

MR TAYLOR’S BRAND EMPORIUM can create more bespoke and diverse teams of creative thinkers & doers to bring your brand to life through content, communications, design, environments or whatever it takes to deliver your brand. More freedom, fluidity and diversity of talent ‘beyond the usual suspects.’


Brand-led innovation & total business creativity through new product & service concept development, creativity training and provocation planning – a unique tool that actively seeks to audit & confront the status quo & norms of ‘business as usual’, to provide more innovative strategies for a greater share of the future.

Go Feral

Part of our ‘Search’ approach to customer & market insight, rather than just ‘re-search’. Directly experience the life your customers lead. Visit the places they go, see the things they see. Talk and live amongst them. Go Feral to reconnect with the people who really own your company, to help build insights that build brands.