CherryActive: Positioning The Power of Cherries


The list of benefits that may be claimed for Montmorency cherries is long. But focus and credibility are key.

CherryActive contains Montmorency cherries which themselves contain high levels of antioxidants, phytonutrients, anthocyanins and melatonin. These cherries are part of a small, unique group of nutrient-rich Superfoods, whose natural compounds have been shown to have potential health and well-being properties.

The business initially enjoyed success within the health food sector, stocked in the likes of Holland & Barrett and used by consumers as relief from gout and arthritis. But it had also been building a loyal base amongst many Premiership footballers and rugby players as a drink to improve performance through muscle recovery post exertion.

CherryActive invested time with the Emporium to clarify the central benefit, appeal & idea of this range of concentrates and capsules for the UK.


The Emporium conduced in-depth desk (re)Search around Superfoods, health & sports, combined with an analysis of CherryActive’s current positioning and market status. This was used to build a set of stimulus materials to be used in a WORKSHOPPING session with CherryActive’s founder,  John Carey. The stimulus provided the imaginative means by which to challenge all aspects of current marketing thinking, focusing in on the core sports market.

The day session took the central idea of the business back to its origins, reconnecting it with a clear and energetic purpose, which is turn produced a fresh and compelling way of thinking about the core appeal and idea of the CherryActive brand, summarized as

The Natural Catalyst for Sports Performance

A simple sentence but a powerful brand idea, supported by new statements around the core product story, purpose, personality and tone of the voice for the business and brand.

This thinking allowed John and the company to move forward with greater clarity & confidence, having re-defined the true value of the brand to customers and its differentiation to all other sports supplements in a very competitive market space.

Key services delivered

 (re)Search, Brand WORKSHOPPING