Turcan Connell: Brand Counsel for Law, Tax & Wealth Management


MR TAYLOR’S BRAND EMPORIUM has partnered leading private client firm Turcan Connell over 18 months on the root & branch development of their business & brand, and the engagement of their staff, acting as brand counsel.

This coincided with the biggest single disruption to the provision of legal services in history, with the ABS legislation, allowing greater diversity and competition within the traditional arena of law.

And the disappearance of a raft of well know legal names from the industry, through increased M&A and business misfortune.


During our engagement with Turcan Connell the Emporium provided insight and self-awareness on their business & brand, using the ASSIMILATION & ARTICULATION phases of our proprietary brand development framework.

The process was fully collaborative with the 22 partners and many key, operational staff, to ensure that the chosen direction for brand and business has been endorsed and engaged with by the whole business.

Turcan Connell provides an interconnected range of professional advice services under one roof, which a private client may require during their lifetime: legal services, wealth, investment management and taxation.

This meant our search for what makes the overall practice different had to encompass each of the inter-disciplinary functions of the company and in our view, go beyond just being a very relevant, vanguard inter-disciplinary company in a post ABS world

Workshops, stakeholder interviews, fresh (re)Search and a number of innovative techniques from the Emporium armory were deployed to gain true Self-awareness of the company’s own core competencies & culture and the opportunity presented by a the rapidly-changing law, tax and investment management market.

Our leading edge WORKSHOPPING format then generated the clear articulation of the business & brand, using Provocation and Imagination as our main strategic tools.

The Emporium followed up the brand definition success by providing strategic advice and planning on internal business alignment & engagement to help ensure a ‘stick of rock’ business that lives and breathes the brand’s promise at every point of contact.


The resulting BrandPrint provided the entire company with a clear, cohesive and consistent agenda for the delivery of a more valuable & valued brand, in a market not famed for the quality or volume of client-centric, brand experience excellence.

Turcan Connell is now being re-deployed around our much bigger, emotive, distinctive & cohesive idea and well-beyond the ‘multi-disciplinary practice’ thought that was expected to take center stage for the company.

Whilst the BrandPrint output remains confidential at this stage, the impact of the Emporium’s compelling and actionable business-brand counsel, has been vigorously endorsed:

“ Mark has the ability to dig deep into the organizational culture of a business and bring to the surface what actually are the underlying values and beliefs of those working in partnership together. This process has released new energy and new commitment for us and has gone way beyond what I expected from a brand identification exercise.”

Douglas Connell, founding partner, Turcan Connell

The company is poised to reveal some of the external manifestation of this new thinking, with creative work via The Leith Agency.

Key services delivered

 Cultural assessment, (re)Search, stakeholder interviewing, brand WORKSHOPPING, internal alignment & engagement strategy, creative development briefing